the know-how

The Belgian couple Annelies Corne and Herwig Callewier acquired the wine estate Château Le Prieuré Sainte Anne (Capian) in early 2018.
As part of the transaction, there was an accompanying agreement with the former owner Hervé Flipo for the year 2018. In the meantime and following years, Annelies Corne, who has a Master's degree in Physiotherapy and is manager of 3 industrial zones in Belgium, has followed viticulture training sessions at the ISVV (Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin) at Université de Bordeaux and at the Beauséjour Training Centre. In winter 2018, she took over the work of the former owner in the vineyards and cellar, accompanied by Romain Sancier, who has been working on the estate for many years.

The new owners have chosen for the organic vineyard management principle, unless circumstances do not leave any other choice.

The vineyard cultivation is carried out according to the traditions of the great Bordeaux wines: disbudding, green harvesting, hand thinning. These different stages of vine cultivation allow better exposure to the sun and reduce susceptibility to diseases in a natural way. This extremely thorough approach encourages the concentration of sugar and flavours in the berries.

Annelies and Herwig have adopted strict rules (sustainable agriculture) for the production of their wines: with small yields to obtain full maturity of the bunches regardless of the year, vinification of individual parcels and ageing in French oak barrels for 12 months. Each vintage is carefully bottled at the vineyard.

The Priory of Sainte-Anne, which is very enjoyable to drink as a young wine, also has a very good ageing aptitude.

Herwig Callewier is in charge of marketing; the CHATEAU PRIEURE ST-ANNE appears on many wine lists in starred restaurants in Belgium, Germany and Austria.

Since 2020, Annelies is assisted by Marie-Laurence Porte, oenologist from the Enosens team in Cadillac.

Annelies Corne & Marie-Laurence Porte